Saturday, April 4, 2009

Why we're here

I've been gone from my small town life for a while.  I grew up here, Crab Orchard, WV, and had a lovely life.  I also left when I was 18 for bigger towns - living in Hampton Roads, VA, DC, San Diego, and Miami.  I've travelled all over the world, Hong Kong, Beijing, Japan, Australia, Brazil, etc.

Now circumstance and the global financial apocalypse has me back at home, where The Small Town Boy who became Big City Homo will attempt to become Hillbilly Homo.  I'll try and do this while getting to know my extended family again, find a job, and figure out what life is like back in a small isolated town.  I'll be documenting my life here, plus commenting on my past, and throwing in some of my politics and whatever else comes to mind.

I don't expect this to be incredibly interesting to read for anybody - it's more a way to organize my life as it is, and my history that led me here.  Some will be more profound than others.  Much will be absolutely dreary.  Read along if you like.  I'll be posting here and on my Twitter account.  Sometimes daily, sometimes many times a day, and sometimes I bet I go weeks with nothing.  We'll just have to see how interesting life is.  Thanks fo dropping by.

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  1. Ah, smell that global financial apocalypse in the morning dew!

    I look forward to your stories. :D


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